WordPress Tutorials

HitchHiker’s Guide to WordPress Series – Part 1 Step By Step Video Tutorials That Cover Everything You Need To Know To Maintain your WordPress WebSite By The Hitchhiker The Media Library Create a Post Featured Images Working With Links Videos & Audio HELPFUL HINT #1: Just putting in place a good schedule/system for keeping plugins […]

8 costly call-to-action mistakes you’re making on your website

Call-to-action mistakes on your website can be costly. If you fail to use calls-to-action (CTAs) to guide users through your site and down a path to do business with you, you could be driving away audiences and losing opportunities to draw customers and make sales. Avoid these call-to-action mistakes Are you making these costly CTA […]

Manage DNS zone files

You can change which service your domain uses for its website and email by managing its DNS records (also known as zone file records). How you access your DNS records depends on where your domain is registered and hosted. Use the table below to find the scenario that’s applicable to your situation and follow those […]


What is DNS?

This video by GoDaddy© and the information below it explains what DNS is, what it does and how it controls different aspects of your domain name. DNS, which stands for domain name system, controls your domain name’s website and email settings. When visitors go to your domain name, its DNS settings control which company’s server […]