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7 Paid Website Testing Jobs From Home

Hello nerds! Today, I am going to share with you a list of all the places where you can start your website testing as a side hustle. Website Testing is a great way to make some extra cash and with most of the usability testing websites paying around $10, it can be a good side […]

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BEST RESOURCES FOR HTML AND CSS are here. Take your time and sift thru everything. 1. May  The  Nerd  Be  With  You This article  is  a  collection  of  links  to  all  the  amazing  resources,  tools  and  articles  that  I  have  used  &  should  greatly  benefit anyone willing  to  learn.  All  the  tools  and  resources  I  […]


New Super Hero Flicks For 2020!

Hi there, it’s the Hitchhiker. Man are we excited about some new flicks coming out in 2020. From old fav’s like the Black Widow FINALLY getting her own movie to newbies like BLOODSHOT! I have a couple sprinkled in between (not excited about Wonder Woman – we still think they picked the WRONG actor, but […]

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Top 25 Companies Hiring Remote Workers Regularly

Everybody dreams of working from home. But the hard part is finding the companies which hire these positions. You can easily find some companies which hire sporadically but it’s a bit of task to find companies which regularly recruit work from home people. Telecommuting companies are increasing since last 4 years and the biggest reason […]