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Timeless SEO tips: 6 universal SEO tactics

Timeless SEO tips or Universal SEO tactics are things are always on the move in the SEO world. Google regularly updates its algorithm and the competition is never far behind. And the current situation is only making things harder, with the shift to online for businesses that might not be prepared. So if you’re not […]

56 Easy Side Jobs to Make Extra Money This Year

Make Extra Money This Year. Let’s accept it. We are in a gig economy and everyone wants to find out how to make extra money this year and every year. Every other person is doing a side job/side hustle along with their main job. I am sure many of you know and agree that having […]

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9 Online Jobs Paying Up To $15 An Hour

Online Jobs? Ok, I know what you are thinking, there aren’t many side jobs which pay that much. A couple of weeks ago, one of my readers asked me if there are any jobs which pay up to $15/hour with little or no experience. Any kind, without much experience in any field. THIS POST MAY […]

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Link building from a holistic SEO perspective

Link building isn’t easy. That doesn’t mean it’s rocket science, it means it takes a lot of work if you do it right. If it is done the wrong way can backfire, resulting in a ban from Google altogether. In this post, I’ll discuss our ideas about getting more backlinks: link building from a holistic […]

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