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9 Quick Ways to Improve Page Loading Speed

When it comes to your site’s performance, page speed is of the utmost importance. In this article, we’ll explain what page speed is, why it’s important, and how to measure it. Then we’ll provide you with 9 Quick Ways to Improve Page Loading Speed you can use to improve page loading speed. However, unless you […]

Set up your Microsoft 365 account

Why you would trust NoDaddy with your information, I’ll never understand. Especially since their HUGE info leak. But hey, if you’re dumb enough to use GoDaddy for anything, here’s how to set up your Microsoft 365 account… Related reading: GoDaddy Breached AGAIN! Set up your Microsoft 365 account Now, let’s dive in! We’ll set up […]

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The Basics of .htaccess: How to Use With Examples

What is an .htaccess file? Maybe you’ve seen that mysterious & oddly named file in your File Manager? Sometimes it’s ‘HIDDEN’, sometimes it’s there. What is it? What does it do? Well nerds, here’s The Basics of .htaccess: How to Use With Examples. The .htaccess file is an Apache HTTP Server (normally just called Apache) […]

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Best ways to deploy a React app for free

It’s time that you took your React applications out of development and into production! But the process of deploying an application built on top of a framework — such as React, Vue.js, or Angular — is much different from that of deploying a site built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We’re discussing the 8 best […]

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How do I change the permalink structure?

A permalink – short for ‘permanent link’ – is the full URL for a page on a website. It could include your domain name, plus a slug (the part of the URL that follows the domain name). As we explain in this article on permalinks, it’s very important to make sure your permalinks are SEO-friendly. […]

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How to Create An FTP Server, At Home, For Free!

Step One: How to Create FTP Server at Home What is UP Savages? So, you want to know how build your very own FTP server, at home, for free? RIGHT ON! Let’s get down to it. Now, you’ll need a little ‘know how’ but it ain’t rocket science. Here’s How to Create An FTP Server, […]

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How to create a cPanel account (on NameCheap)

What’s up SAVAGE’S? Today we’re going to learn how to create a cPanel account (on NameCheap). This skill can take you a LONG way….. NOTE: cPanel can be created only on a Reseller, VPS or a Dedicated server. Other plans are provided only with one cPanel account.WHM allows you to create accounts for your clients […]

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How To Fix Captcha Error? Captcha Not Working!

What are Capchtas? Captchas were introduced as a method to stop spambots and other bad robots from overloading, infiltrating and damaging a server. Once these little buttons and puzzles were so easy to solve, but these are becoming extremely difficult to solve these days. Sometimes they don’t seem to work. So I”l talk about why […]