How to Remove Background from Image (Free & Paid)

This guide will walk you through a step-by-step process on how to remove background from an image online. I’ll use various methods to make an image transparent on Canva. Also, you’ll get to know a few web apps to do so for free. 

When deciding on a particular tool for the background removal, look for ease and speed. These two things matter the most in the world of digital marketing. And I believe there are tons of exciting tools like Canva to make your life better. 

In this tutorial on NoF, you’ll get to know how to remove background from your photos easily using various tools and software. I’ll tell you both free and paid ways to get the job done seamlessly. 

Sounds exciting? Let’s get started right now. 

How to Remove Background from Picture

Removing background from pictures has tons of benefits, without a doubt. You can play with such a picture on other pictures easily. But how do you know if background removal from an image is pro-level? 

For that, you need to have a look at the image. You’ve done a brilliant job if it looks genuine and clear. Make sure there are no flaws or little errors. Otherwise, they’ll make the image look uglier than ever. 

How to Remove Background from Image

And most free background removing apps don’t usually offer professional looks. That’s why you should not remove background from images for free. But, I will enlist a few online tools to remove background from your photos for free. 

But let’s just be a pro for now and remove background from images without losing the quality. And that brings me to stumble upon Canva. It’s a smart tool to design your imagery like a pro without being a pro. 

How to Remove Background in Canva (2021)

Digital marketing demands consistent quality and quantity of valuable content. And that is possible only if you do things fast and effectively. Canva is a terrific designing tool for non-designers. It helps you illustrate your vision freely. 

remove background from images using Canva

And it also lets you remove the background with only one click. Yeah, that’s how fast it is. Removing background enables you to clip it onto your branding materials and do much other design stuff. Here are three quick steps to remove background from your photos on Canva:

1. Upload your image (or choose from Canva‘s library)

2. Go to ‘Effects’ on the top corner of your toolbar

3. Select ‘Background Remover’ and boom!

You’ve removed background from your image now. This is the speed I always appreciate when working for your digital ventures. Why? It helps scale your business to the next level before your competitor rocks it up. Try Canva For Free

Why Should You Invest in Canva for Removing Background Only?

It’s a valid question. I recommend buying the Canva Pro only if you do a lot of designing or background removals. The brilliant tool helps you create visual content easily and quickly. You can thrive in the designing industry with Canva, even if you have little graphic skills. 

canva homepage

And you can also create a lot of graphic tools. For example, I create thumbnails for my YouTube channel on Canva. Here’s how I do it:

Canva makes the design extremely straightforward. Get started on Canva for absolutely free and upgrade it to $119.99 per year if you believe it’s worth it. Simple deal! Isn’t it? And with that pricing, you also get 

  • 75 million premium stock photos, videos, and audio
  • 420K free templates with new designs updated daily
  • Ability to upload your fonts, logos, and more
  • 100GB of cloud storage and social media scheduling
  • Unlimited background removal from your images

Yes, you can remove background from as many images as you want once you tap into Canva Pro. The tool offers 250K free templates, 100+ design types, and hundreds of free photos even if you go free on CanvaTry Canva For Free

How to Remove Background from Image for Free

There are a lot of useful online tools to help you remove background from images for free. However, their limitations are loss of quality, size, or a missing part of the image. Let’s still have a look at top online tools for background removal now. is a wonderful tool to help you remove background from any image online. The tool removes the background automatically for absolutely free. All you need is to ‘upload image’ or drop a file onto the homepage. And the tool does its magic in seconds.

But when you download the photo, it usually faces a loss of quality. If you want to get full resolution images, you need to pay $0.14 to $.023 per background removal. The pricing depends on the number of images you want to remove the background from.

Fotor’s Background Remover

Fotor’s background removal tool is an excellent way to remove background from your images. And it offers a lot more quality than most other free tools. All you need is to visit Fotor and click on the ‘Edit’ button.


After that, hover over ‘Magic Clipper’ and remove the background using a brush. Apply changes, and you’re ready. The downside of using the tool is that you may take a long to remove the background like a pro. 

PhotoScissors Background Removal

Remove the background and make it transparent with a few clicks. PhotoScissors is just like a pair of scissors to cut the background from your images. Drag and drop your photos onto the homepage to remove the background from your images.


And you can remove background from photos in JPG, PNG, and WebP formats. The maximum image size should be 10MB, and the resolution should be 4.2Mpx. I don’t like the tool because it doesn’t come with quality background removal features.

How to Remove Background of An Image in Photoshop

Photoshop is arguably the most popular image editing and designing software in the world. Along with Illustrator, it’s the industry’s standard for digital artists like you. You can do a lot of things using Photoshop.

remove background from image on photoshop

And yes, you can also remove background from your photos using the software. For that, you need to open your image in Photoshop and find the Quick Selection Tool from the left-bar menu. Trying a Magic Wand Tool may also be helpful. 

The tools help smooth your image and snip a part of it. Use ‘Eraser Tool’ in Photoshop Toolbox to remove background from your image as well. But you need a lot of practice to do the job precisely. 

Sell Your Background Removal Services

Now that you’ve learned the background removal, you can also sell this service online. You can do it online on Fiverr, Upwork, or any other marketplace. I’ve written a few articles on how to branch out into the freelance gig world.

Summary: How to Remove Background from Image for Free

There are a lot of ways to remove background from images for free and a few bucks. But you’ll hardly find a better tool than Canva Pro to do the designing job seamlessly. Plus, you’ve tons of other features on the tool as well. 

Using pro-level software like Photoshop doesn’t make sense to a blogger like me. Why? It’s because it takes much time to use it for extreme precision. On the other hand, Canva is much more intuitive and user-friendly than any other designing tool. 

Do you agree with me? Let me know in the comments below. 


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