WordPress Tutorials Part Deux

HitchHiker's Guide to WordPress Series -- Part Deux

More Step By Step Video Tutorials That Cover Everything You Need To Know To Maintain your WordPress WebSite


By The Hitchhiker

Post Formats

WordPress comes with different post formats to help your content stand out. In this video, you’re going to learn what post formats are, how they work, and different types of post formats are available.

Publish Panel

The Publish Panel governs all parameters related to how and when you publish your posts. In this video, you’re going to explore how the Publish Panel works.

The Editor

The Editor is a key component in WordPress. Without it, it’s impossible to create any content. In this video, you’re going to explore the editor; if you’ve used software like Microsoft Word before, you should be right at home here. After mastering the editor, you’ll be able to create all content types.


Permalinks can often be a point of confusion for new WordPress users. This video will clarify and explain the concept of permalinks, and how they work. You’ll also learn how to configure your permalinks optimally, with SEO in mind.

Managing Users

If you’re about to create a company website or a news website, it’s likely multiple people will need access to the WordPress backend. In this video, you’ll learn about different roles and permissions within WordPress, as well as how to create and manage users.


Be consistent with adding new content – at least once a week. Write a well thought out & helpful article relevant to your base. If you need help, at least in the beginning, NoF has monthly Content Management plans HERE

Managing Comments

WordPress is a web publishing platform, but it also has a social aspect – your visitors are able to leave comments on your posts and pages. Learn how to manage comments, as well as how to configure your comment settings optimally.

Working with Widgets

Widgets do not only add functionality and clarity to your WordPress website, but they also impact your website from a visual perspective. In this video, you’ll learn how to create, edit and remove widgets, as well as how to position and maximize a widget’s potential.

Posts Interface

In this video, you are going to get to know the Posts interface within WordPress, and have a look at the panels that are available to you.

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