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HitchHiker's Guide to WordPress Series - Part 1

Step By Step Video Tutorials That Cover Everything You Need To Know To Maintain your WordPress WebSite


By The Hitchhiker

The Media Library

In this video, you’re going to have a look at the Media Library. The Media Library is where WordPress keeps all the attachments you’ve uploaded. Learn how to navigate and manage attachments in this video.

Create a Post

In this video, you’ll learn how to create a post, then use all available tools to format the post to make it visually appealing.

Featured Images

Featured Images add visual impact to posts and pages. This video will teach you how to use featured images and make the most out of them.

Working With Links

Including links within your content is important for a variety of reasons. In this video, you will learn how to add and remove links, as well as utilize advanced linking.

Videos & Audio

After you’ve mastered adding images to your content in WordPress, it’s time you learn about the different ways you can easily embed videos and audio into our content. You’ll also learn how to create audio playlists!


Just putting in place a good schedule/system for keeping plugins & other WordPress tools up to date isn’t enough as updates often trigger problems that need attention immediately. Be ready to fix things…or, get a good monitoring plan that covers these things HERE.

Working With Images

Now that you’ve familiar with both content types in WordPress, it’s time to spice things up a bit by adding some visual impact. In this video, you’re going to have a look at how to work with images; as well as how to create a gallery in WordPress.

Editing & Managing Pages

In this video, you will learn how to edit and manage the pages you’ve created. This interface is very similar to the post management interface, so you should be fairly familiar with this.

Creating NEW Pages

Have a look at the second type of content in WordPress: Pages. In this video, you’re going to explore the page creation interface in WordPress.

Posts Revisions

Posts Revisions is essentially an Undo button in WordPress. This video teaches you how to use this feature and how to compare any two revisions of your content.

Editing & Managing Posts

All you need to know about managing and editing posts in WordPress. This video introduces different WordPress post management tools, including:

• WordPress search and filter tools to find posts.
• Multiple ways to edit posts: single edit, quick edit, and bulk edit.
• Deleting and restoring deleted posts.

Categories vs. Tags

Categories and Tags are important concepts in WordPress. This video will explain what categories and tags are, what are the differences between them and how to use them.

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