The Importance of WordPress Updates

WordPress Updates? Important? Do you want your WordPress website to be secure & up-to-date? Of course you do!
Keeping WordPress updated is not just ideal, it’s critical! Failure to update could cause certain aspects of your site to malfunction or even compromise your site, leaving it open to hacker attacks. Many, if not most, of these updates are to fill “holes” that hackers have discovered. Not updating leaves those doors open – and your site & it’s visitors will suffer!

Every so often, themes, plugins, & WordPress itself will require updating.  WordPress updates help keep your website safe and bug free as well as make sure you have the newest features, better compatibility, and a smooth WordPress experience.  A big part of WordPress updates are security releases, a alluded to in the opening paragraph. So, even if you’re not currently looking for the next coolest functions and features, keep in mind that you still need to keep your site secure. Most WordPress hacks happen to sites that have not been updated!

Many don’t have the time or the know-how to run & troubleshoot updates & others maintenance items in WordPress. Nerd Of Fortune offers a Website Performance Monitoring & Security Service for $29.95 a month! Never worry again…

Nerd Of Fortune

You see, when these updates go out, WordPress & the other plugin developers publish these online. The hackers see these and concentrate their hacking efforts to exploit these weaknesses. They know, from experience, that inexperienced WordPressers won’t update. Maybe they don’t like fixing those OTHER problems that SOMETIMES happen when they ran updates in the past. Updates SOMETIMES seem to cause problems, break things. All that is telling you is that something else was out of date, and THAT certain something needs an update, or fixing. Either way, the hackers know, and they exploit that and gain access to your site & possibly even your visitors information.


Also, when we perform maintenance on a website, all themes, plugins & WordPress itself are updated to keep your site in top condition.  Unfortunately, like with any program changes, an update may not play well with others, like we stated before. This could be due to a variety of things such as plugin and theme conflicts or programming errors. Have no worries! Before we perform any updates, we ensure a backup of the entire site and database is created. This way if any unexpected changes occur, we will be able to quickly repair any unwanted incompatibilities that arise.

So, to recap the direct reasons & benefits to updated, we can summarize in 4 items:


Security is the primary reason you should keep your WordPress site up to date; updates often feature security enhancements that prevent sites from being exploited. Since WordPress is open source, it benefits from a community of developers and security experts who are constantly testing every version of the software and properly reporting security fixes. Failing to update the latest version of WordPress can make your site an easy target for hackers and malicious code distributors.

Bug Fixes

Although every major release of WordPress goes through a rigorous testing process, sometimes smaller bugs slip through the cracks. This may or may not affect your website, but it is always a good idea to update WordPress in order to reduce any issues caused by bugs.


Web technology is constantly changing and WordPress developers are always searching for ways to make WordPress run faster and more efficiently. By keeping your WordPress site up to date you will provide not only a better user experience, but improve your site’s search engine rankings.

New Features

Every major release of WordPress includes new features tailored to improve the user experience. Past improvements include the ability to easily include embeds in text and video widgets, a redesigned plugin directory, and inline link editing via the visual post editor. Updating WordPress will only improve your ability to add new content to your site.

Now, very often the company you HOST with is very important. Companies like Siteground, Bluehost, Namecheap, Network Solutions and Big Commerce all offer environments that are VERY WordPress friendly & secure.

Your website is an incredibly important part of your business. Updating your site ensures that your visitors are getting the most current information and have a smooth and enjoyable interaction with your site. Please let us know if you have any questions about your website. We’re here to help!

And, if you want The Nerd of Fortune to babysit your site on a daily basis, it’s ONLY $29.95 a month – and YOU can be WORRY FREE!

Remember, like the Hitchhiker’s guides says, in bold letters on the back, DON’T PANIC. Just take a deep breath, work through it OR reach out to the Nerd Of Fortune & he will make EVERYTHING better! Oh, and never forget your towel…

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