Troubleshoot & Fix Contact Form Issues

Troubleshoot & Fix Contact Form Issues

Knowing Common WordPress Issues & Knowing How to Get Thru Them Intuitively Is The Art


By The Hitchhiker

Troubleshoot and fix WordPress contact form errors

WordPress contact forms require specific settings to function properly. If you are not receiving mail from your contact form, you should always check your spam folder before proceeding to the following steps. You have two options when troubleshooting, setting up, or fixing a WordPress contact form issue:

  • Call our support number and one of our experts can do it for you for a fee.
  • Do it yourself following the instructions in the tables below.

WordPress Premium Support

Our support experts can perform the following services for you for a fee:

  • Troubleshoot and fix a broken contact form.
  • Configure the proper mail settings in a contact form.
  • Ensure the proper short code has been placed on your contact page.

Just putting in place a good schedule/system for keeping plugins & other WordPress tools up to date isn’t enough as updates often trigger problems that need attention immediately. Be ready to fix things…

Do it yourself

To setup, troubleshoot, or fix a WordPress contact form, follow the steps that apply to your plugin to ensure your plugin is setup properly.

Contact Form 7


To do it yourself, see one of these stepsDifficulty
Setup Contact Form 7 in WordPressBasic
Add Contact Form 7 to a WordPress pageMedium

Visual Form Builder


To do it yourself, see one of these stepsDifficulty
Setup Visual Form Builder in WordPressBasic
Add Visual Form Builder to a WordPress pageMedium

Additional Settings


To do it yourself, see one of these stepsDifficulty
Change your email destination with cPanel Shared HostingBasic
Hosting email relay limitsMedium

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